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RS Tennis Academy


RS Tennis Academy is a year-round tennis academy that places an emphasis on teaching the fundamentals and a love of the game to each student. Our programs bring players together to learn, practice and compete in preparation for school tennis, USTA/UTR Tournaments and League Play.  


Step One: Enter parent name and email into newsletter box below.

Step Two: Email Coach Riaz with current level of your junior. 
Name, Age, School, Level, Current Coach, Tennis Goals.

Step Three: With your junior player, read and review the RS Exclusive Coaching Agreement below and send email to Coach Riaz with your acceptance. This is for our competitive Bronze/Silver/Gold Teams. 

RS COACHING AGREEMENT - You are agreeing that RS Tennis  will be the EXCLUSIVE coaching program for your junior in all aspects of their development. This means lessons, groups, clinics and matchplay under the coaching of RS Tennis Academy. Accepted players are to represent RS Tennis Academy in all matchplay, USTA, UTR tournaments, team tennis etc. Training will be monitored by our coaching team and we will work together to help the student along our developmental pathway. This is the commitment to join RS Tennis Academy and possible selection onto a team. 
* Parents, please copy and paste this agreement and send email to Riaz accepting the terms. 


Riaz Shivji

Academy Director

Phone: (650) 678-1448

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Emma Wang (Silver Team)

Felix (Feels) Leung (U12 Yellow Team)

Tasuke Igarashi (Silver Team)