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Important Health and Safety News

Dear Members,

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this difficult time.

We are currently following state guidelines for shelter in place and are closely monitoring the latest restrictions regarding essential business and activities.  Some restrictions have been modified and tennis is one of the activities that may soon be allowed, with safety precautions in place.  We are preparing for official notice that tennis lessons and play are open for all and will announce plans for back to tennis. Please stay patient and we will keep you informed if any news comes through. 

Be well,



We are a year-round tennis academy where children and adults of all ages and levels develop strong fundamentals and a true love for the game. 

RS Tennis coaches run lessons, clinics, groups and teams. Our home base is at San Mateo High School and we also run select programs at Mercy Burlingame HS, Burlingame HS and South Hillsborough School tennis courts. 

HOW TO JOIN - All juniors regardless of level, begin in our Saturday group training program. These 12 week programs run every Saturday in Spring, Fall and Winter. Consistent attendance and good practice habits, will help juniors improve their skills. 

Juniors from our Saturday program may be selected for additional lessons, small groups and tournament prep sessions based on dedication and commitment to improve. 

PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: You are agreeing that RS Tennis  will be the training team and PRIMARY coaches for your junior in all aspects of their development. This means lessons, groups, clinics and matchplay. The junior is to represent RS Tennis Academy in all matchplay, USTA, UTR tournaments, team tennis etc. Training will be monitored by our team and we will work together to help the junior along our developmental pathway. This is the commitment to join RS Tennis Academy and be selected to play on our teams.

If you have any questions and are considering your child for selection, please contact Academy Director Riaz Shivji to schedule an evaluation lesson with one of our coaches. 
 (650) 678-1448

Sponsored by RS Tennis Academy partners with Wilson

RS Tennis Academy partners with Wilson

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